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Animation On the Way

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Since the 1st Intensive , Animation has involved a lot of back and forth between Blender and Unity, We are constantly testing the Animation before we do too much of it and we’ve made a lot of progress. Adult Skihioti can now Walk, Run , Get Hit, Get Hit and Die and shoot from his Bow […]

March 13th: Extended Play Student Notes

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Homework for March 27th: 1. Cinematic Script for Otsi Opening Cutscene (Tathe) 2. Cinematic Script for Skahion:hati Opening Cutscene (Towanna) Game Design Document (PRIVATE) Xanax 2mg 3. Modeling/Fixes (Nather) 4. Sketches for Skahion:hati Cutscene (Lisa)

Welcome to Skins 3.0: Extended Play!

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Simple Game Mechanics for Smooth Design & Good Times “A single constraint on the possible gameplay actions that determine a part of the player’s experiences.” Game mechanics must be places in opposition to one another, much like the legs of a tripod. That way, instead of creation a single boundary (therefore, no choices) they create […]