Animation On the Way

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Since the 1st Intensive , Animation has involved a lot of back and forth between Blender and Unity, We are constantly testing the Animation before we do too much of it and we’ve made a lot of progress.

Adult Skihioti can now Walk, Run , Get Hit, Get Hit and Die and shoot from his Bow and Arrow.We even managed to go back to the Assets list and fix bug from the 1st Intensive. We now have a new list of things to complete until our next intensive and we’re still going full speed.

Towana and Tarte have also been doing some animations. Towana is doing amazing work with Adult Skihioti’s Lacrosse stick Animations, while Tarte is kicking some serious butt with the flying head animations. “Good work guys keep up the good work”!!!!

Last week Bronson and I worked constantly on Adult Skihioti’s Bow and Arrow animations,


and we are pleased to say that he can Run and Shoot and the same time, and more importantly, he actually pulls the arrows from his Quiver. It’s gonna be awesome




Now as we head close to the final Intensive, we’ve asked everyone to complete each of the tasks assigned to them. Hang in there Guys

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