After the First Intensive

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We’ve already made a lot of progress! After looking at all our assets, we have a list of things to complete until our next intensive, we’re still going full speed ahead!

Our industry guests had some great constructive criticism for us. We are still fine-tuning some of the details, but are working hard to breathe some more life into our virtual world, while getting our game mechanics down pat.

For next time, we’ve asked everyone to complete the following tasks:

  • Nather: texture various items from asset list, check priorities as you go.
  • Towanna: finish the Skahion:hati adult walk cycle.
  • Jerron: finish the digital inking for the cutscene files Nancy gave you.
  • Owisokon: continue to teach Blender to Jerron, and help with digital inking if necessary.
  • Tathe: our multi-tasker! You have a long list… You know what you have to do! If not, email us.
  • Lisa: fill the longhouse with more stuff. It should be packed full, as though people are living there!
  • Kahentawaks: you are animating our cutscenes. Please email Nancy for tasks if you have any questions.
  • Lance: have the female NPC modelled (low poly and high poly), UV mapped, and normal mapped by July 3rd.

The screenshots I’m posting are of Towanna’s fish (looks awesome!) and Skahion:hati mid-animation.
Keep up the great work; everything is looking amazing!!!



See you all on the 19th!



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