Skins 3.0 Extended Play is the latest version of the Skins Aboriginal Storytelling and Video Game Workshops. The participants and organizers of Skins 2.0 Skins Summer Institute decided we wanted to stay focused on the same game, to continue learning, polish the graphics and improve the gameplay.  Between March and August 2012 we will meet every two weeks to continue instruction and practice in 3D modeling and animation, computer programming, game design, storyboarding, art direction and sound design. Two 5-day, full-time intensives will also be held, one in May and one in August.  Once again we will invite Aboriginal mentors and game-industry professionals to join our core team of students from Concordia’s Computation Arts program.

Individuals interested in participating should contact Skawennati.

Skins 1.0, the prototype workshop, was held at Kahnawake Survival School, the high school of the Kahnawake First Nation. Visit the link to http://armodexperiment.com watch a short documentary or to download the game we made.

Skins 2.0: Skins Summer Institute, was held at Concordia University.

The Skins Aborignal Storytelling and Video Game Workshops is an Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace project co-directed by Jason Edward Lewis andSkawennati Fragnito and produced by Obx Labs.

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