workshops on aboriginal storytelling in digital media

Skins is a series of digital-media workshops for Aboriginal youth offered by an Aboriginally determined team of game designers, artists and educators known as Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace.

The unique curriculum begins with traditional storytelling and proceeds to teach participants how to tell a story in a very new way--as a video game. With that foundation in place, the students then learn important skills for the production of video games and machinima, such as game design, art direction, 3D modeling and animation, sound, and computer programming.

Lessons are taught by faculty, students and graduates of the Computation Arts programme at Concordia University. They are joined by Aboriginal mentors who lend their considerable expertise as cultural consultants, as well as moral support to the young producers.

Skins aims to empower Native youth to be producers of new technologies, not just consumers of them. Explore the links to see what we’ve done!